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New Zealand, Old Soul

Freedom camping is ubiquitous in New Zealand. Pull up in a “verified self-contained camper” (meaning a camp ready vehicle) and voila— you can camp in most anywhere in the country. While it does not sound particularly exciting, for a Californian like myself, it is surprising to be in a place where the campsites are not…

Open Syllabus Project gives empirical insight into curriculum debates

As debates continue to smolder—and ignite, in the case of the “Who’s Teaching Us” campaign and the now-failed initiative to reinstate a “Western Civilization” requirement Stanford—regarding the prominence of the “Western Canon” in American universities’ curriculum, the Open Syllabus Explorer provides a quantitative backing to previously more speculative discussion.

2016 ASSU election results announced

Results for the 2016 ASSU elections were posted early Monday morning on the ASSU elections website. Originally slated for release on Saturday afternoon, the elections commission took the two additional days to “validate the results.” According to an email from the elections commission, the candidates ranked 15th and 16th for the Undergraduate Senate had been separated…

More academia than just the West

We, El Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán de Stanford (MEChA), do not support the ballot initiative by The Stanford Review for a Western civilization requirement. We, as MEChA, have always existed with the understanding that the current societal and educational systems were not made for us. It is through the efforts of many past Chicanxs…