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Letter to the community on undocumented students

In our first year as president and provost of Stanford, we have made it a priority to hear the concerns of students and other members of our community. In dorm meetings, town halls, office hours and many other settings over the last several months, we have heard about many issues on the minds of students.…

Faculty join the fight to protect undocumented community members

A group of Stanford students and faculty have joined forces in an ongoing effort to make Stanford a safer place for undocumented immigrants. Galvanized by the election of President Donald Trump last November, student group Stanford Sanctuary Now (SSN) demanded that Stanford protect all students and staff at risk of deportation by keeping their immigration status private and providing them with legal assistance. In recent weeks, faculty members have also taken up SSN’s cause.

Marriage does not unite us

Marriage in the United States is not, as it is romanticized, a way to celebrate love, but a way to dole out financial and social benefits. These benefits, however, are often inaccessible to low income people, a category queers and people of color disproportionately fall under.