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Islamophobia is absurd

“Comrades, do get it into your heads, this ‘lesser evil’ which year after year has been used to keep you completely out of the fight will very soon mean having to stomach the Nazis.” Keep in mind what Bertolt Brecht wrote when considering the current political climate. How is Islamophobia not an absurdity to every…

How to fight an epidemic: U.S. soldiers

Three thousand American troops on the ground in Liberia will provide limited assistance in the fight against Ebola. It may not be enough to eliminate the disease from the region, but will undoubtedly help strained healthcare authorities regain momentum. But American forces in Liberia do more than just fight Ebola, they also help us to comprehend the grave threat that disease poses to our way of life. We must ensure that their sacrifice is not in vain. Now is the time to prepare.