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Bubbling questions

As such, the classical technical education focuses on teaching techniques that can be used to study the world, without digging into not only how they manifest in real life (a common complaint), but why we should care to study the world in the first place. While a liberal arts education professes to equip students with an appreciation of the humanistic world around them, there is little focus on building an appreciation (not just an “understanding”, whatever that may mean!) of the physical one. So why should we, college educated youth by and large with the privilege and energy to be curious, be curious?

Trust and who’s worthy of it

For the fourth year in a row, I’m in a leadership position for a club centered around education and outreach for non-normative identities and relationship structures. It’s a group that requires me to maintain the anonymity (and thus the trust) of dozens of members while still being transparent and honest with the university. This seemingly…