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Why I’m not donating to The Stanford Fund

I am a graduating senior and I did not make a “Senior Gift” contribution to The Stanford Fund. So why didn’t I give? Do I hold a grudge? Was it the satisfaction of dissent? Or are there legitimate reasons why I should withhold my donation? I started asking myself the very questions from those TSF emails: To whom should I be grateful for my Stanford experience and how should I express that gratitude? Unlike a debt, gratefulness isn’t beholden to any particular institution – whether it be a person, school or state. Therefore, for my Senior Gift, I donated to the CCSF scholarship fund. Its students deserve it more than we do.

Ravalations: Dear The Stanford Fund

There a few things that all Stanford students seem to bond over: the beautiful weather (the number of screen captures I’ve seen that compare the weather here to the weather in Cambridge, where it is 32 degrees, is much too high, and yet every photo has multiple Facebook likes), petitions (this past week has been full of Senate and special fees requests in particular), and our common dislike of TSF letters.