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Op-Ed: In defense of Beltane

James Baldwin often referred to European-Americans as “the people who think they are white.” I used to think this was some kind of riddle. What does he mean “think”? I’d love to be anything other than white, but people of color taught me to stay in my lane. It’s not a choice or belief; we are white. What would we be if we weren’t?

The Testosteroom Welcomes One

I live in Synergy. I have 5 roommates. We live between 2 rooms on separate floors, and hold tenuous reign over a tiny third, which we use as a projector room (only holds a couch and a coffee table). All five of my roommates lack the stomachs for a vegetarian house and their insides complain loudly and regularly. This is a story of clandestine aggression, brotherhood and guilt. This is also an apology.

Palo Alto “Dead Houses” provide an off-campus community for students

At first, Daniel Greene, a fourth year Ph.D. student, couldn’t believe what his friend told him about baking bread each night and having impromptu dance parties in the kitchen at Synergy, one of the seven Stanford cooperative living communities. When Greene visited the Farm for a conference and stayed in Synergy, he was blown away by the friendly community he experienced in such a short time.