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Complacent Valley

This is not what a Stanford education is supposed to look like, I remember thinking. It was only my third week at the University when my entire freshman dorm had marched off to the annual Fall Career Fair held in White Plaza. I wandered through its rows aimlessly, unsure of what I, without a single grade on my transcript, was meant to offer the nicely dressed recruiters, waiting eagerly for me behind their well decorated booths. The thought of my summer internship or first job had barely crossed my mind; as for me, school had just barely begun.

Turning Facebook stalking into an art form

Between sketchy housemates and sorority sisters, my Facebook-stalking skills have become as finely tuned as those of the CIA. Too bad my penchant for pot-stirring cancels out any secret-finding ability with secret-telling. Perhaps investigative journalism will make a nice compromise, but that’s a different article. So, have you ever Facebook-stalked anyone?