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The undeserved obsession with failure

How many times have you been reminded of the value of failure? This past week, while procrastinating for studying for midterms, I somehow found myself in a YouTube hole watching a collection of the “best commencement speeches of all time.” I’d say practically three-quarters of them included a message about the benefit of failure. Oprah…

Hoover must re-evaluate the academic merit of its fellows

Stanford is renowned for being the home of some of the world’s most brilliant minds, and these minds are undoubtedly one of this university’s greatest assets. As students here, we often witness firsthand the unrivaled intellectual caliber of our professors, and, less often but still occasionally, the difficulty of obtaining and keeping those professorial positions here. We also hear of cases where top-notch scholars don’t receive tenure, a fate shared by half of all the assistant professors here.

Stanford alum advocates for solar energy in seminar on new book

In a Monday afternoon presentation on his new book, “Taming the Sun: Innovations to Harness Solar Energy and Power the Planet,” Varun Sivaram ’11 stressed current constraints on solar power and three types of innovation — financial innovation, technological innovation and systemic innovation — that he believes are key to sustaining solar energy’s rise to dominance.

Why I won’t do it all

Halfway through my public policy lecture, I glanced over the shoulder of the student sitting two rows in front of me. Her Google Calendar tab was open, and I felt my eyebrows raise subconsciously as I marveled at the sheer chaos of it. A dozen colors coded different types of activities – class time, clubs,…