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Xenophobia is back

This morning, I was sent an innocuous-looking op-ed in the Stanford Review from more than a week ago, entitled “How China Leverages Stanford’s Expertise in Artificial Intelligence.” With a title like that, I expected the piece to be about some specific, concrete incidents of tech transfers or even thefts (like this Daily piece on Huawei,…

Types of laundry doers

Growing up, media painted a picture in my mind of the stereotypical college student. Messy rooms, long nights writing papers and loads of dirty laundry seemed inevitable. Now, with one quarter of college under my belt, I realize that some of these generalizations actually hold some truth. I can say that I have pulled all-nighters…

Stanford researchers reveal teachers more likely to label black students ‘troublemakers’

Graduate student of psychology, Jason Okonofua, recently conducted research on teachers’ tendencies to discipline black students more harshly than white students, concluding that not only are teachers more likely to view black students as being ‘troublemakers’, they are also more likely to see themselves suspending black students, rather than white students, in the future.