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Hidden talents

Stanford is a miniature melting pot of incredibly talented people. With Olympic athletes, genius musicians, and savvy entrepreneurs, it’s hard not to feel intimidated by the sheer level of expertise every student seems to possess in a particular field. What I failed to recognize upon meeting my peers for the first time was the multi-faceted nature of the average student.

Laundry for lazies

I’m currently writing to you from the desk of a madwoman. While rarely in pristine condition, my little work space always seems to start off the week in decent shape. But as the days continue, it inevitably acquires a fun amount of souvenirs. As of 11:21 p.m. on Tuesday night, this collection includes a Post-It-ridden copy…

Why Mehran Sahami and Cory Booker were right

Professor Mehran Sahami says the darndest things. This past Wednesday, at a panel called “The Purpose of a College Education”, a student asks “What advice do you have for us?” Professor Mitchell Stevens from the Graduate School of Education speaks first. He advises dating around academically to find the best major, practical advice that we’ve all received from our advisors and teachers.