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Stanford Medicine hosts inaugural LGBTQ+ forum

On Wednesday, the Stanford School of Medicine held its inaugural LGBTQ+ Forum, aiming to establish a visible space for students, trainees, staff, faculty and alumni to discuss their stories about the LGBTQ+ community. Founded by Timothy Keyes, a fourth-year MD-Ph.D. student, the Forum is a collaboration between the School of Medicine, adult and children medical school hospitals and the wider campus community.

Evolution has favored a gene causing decreased height and increased arthritis risk

60,000 years ago, when humans were migrating northward from Africa into colder climates, a single-letter DNA switch–from a G to an A–proved to help humans brave more frigid temperatures. Stanford University researchers have found, however, that this genetic change has also brought decreased height and resulted in increased risk of arthritis 1.3 to 1.8-fold in Eurasian populations.