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Harvard sociologist talks racial resentment

On Wednesday, Harvard sociologist Lawrence Bobo addressed racial resentment — another term for what other scholars have called modern racism or symbolic racism — as part of a new speaker series created at the recommendation of Stanford Law’s Faculty and Student Working Group on Diversity and Inclusion.

After Stanford affiliate offers gripping testimony of assault, Supreme Court nominee remains unswerving in denial

In diametrically opposed but equally emotional testimony, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Bay Area-based and Stanford-affiliated research psychologist Christine Blasey Ford, faced off in a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee today. The explosive hearing, in which senators questioned Ford and Kavanaugh for almost nine hours in total, will play an important role in the votes of key senators in the Senate-wide confirmation vote scheduled for Friday.

Op-ed: Prepare us for the Bar, Stanford

Graduation. The excitement on campus – or dread, as it may be – is palpable. Parents are securing accommodations for the big day, students are busy polishing off their final papers (and their favorite cheap beer) and the law school is failing to offer a low-cost, Stanford-run option to study for the Bar Exam. As…