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Is modern romance dead or are my Tinder pictures just poorly angled?

Let’s say I am laying in my bed in unlaundered sweatpants as I watch “Titanic,” or “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,” an updated version of the forbidden love story archetype. As I inattentively watch these idealized romances play out on my laptop, I rapidly drag my finger right on my phone screen, affirming my attraction to a promising mirror selfie of a decent-looking Stanford student without a creepy or arrogant bio. In this *hypothetical* scene, something feels a bit wrong about my desire for instant gratification and my yearning for a scenario similar to that of the people slowly falling in love on the dusty laptop screen in front of me.

30 thoughts I had while shopping at Ikea

In the hustle and bustle of the everyday experience, many seek comfort and space for recharge in the “tranquil” solace of their bedrooms. Unfortunately, university life and its ever-busy atmosphere can infiltrate this aspect of our existence, too. Dreaded draw results or curveball situations including uncomfortable roommate relationships and rowdy dorm environments — the kinds…

Reality Check: Realistic Sizes For Real People

As I weave in and out of visitors looking bemusedly about and my fellow students searching for this and that amenity, it finally strikes me that I’ve never once purchased my own Stanford apparel. In truth, I’ve tried many times and continually block out the horrific embarrassment of attempting to “try on” anything in the arm-pinching, boob-strangling, tummy-itching women’s section.