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Brogramming and the women-in-tech question

The question I originally posed is easy to answer—after all, we can point to a myriad of studies, testimonials and editorials as to why people think girls are underrepresented in tech. Figuring what we should do to address the issue is a separate topic. Although there is no panacea for this problem, we engage in more meaningful, thorough discussions when we work with girls who are experiencing these issues firsthand, instead of a middle-aged magazine columnist who can only speculate.

People over pixels

At the Facebook London offices, our conference rooms are plastered with posters shipped from the Menlo Park headquarters, commanding us to “move fast and build things.” We are reminded to value “people over pixels,” and asked “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

she++ thinks big for second year

Ellora Israni ’14 and Ayna Agarwal ’14 are co-founders of she++, a Stanford-based community for women in technology that has been featured on TechCrunch, Forbes and the Huffington Post. The pair has worked for the past year to bring more women into the fields of technology and engineering. While their greatest achievement to date has…