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When no one does the reading

At Stanford, the homework never stops coming. There is always a problem set, a reading or an essay that has yet to be completed, and very often the overlap of numerous due dates forces students to prioritize more pressing assignments over others. In these situations, the easiest tasks to give up tend to be readings…

When poetry is a luxury

I like poetry. Maybe it’s because of the abundance of Dr. Seuss books that were placed on my shelf as a kid, or maybe because of the painfully awkward and yet somehow still magical reading of Romeo and Juliet put on by my seventh grade class. Maybe it’s because poetry is a concentrated and powerful way of using words to capture the fleeting moments of life (not to wax too poetic, of course).

Philosophical musings on a psych grade

On the first Monday of winter break, I felt excited as I logged onto Axess to check my course grades. That excitement soon turned into remorse as I realized I had bombed the final exam of PSYCH 1, and my grade was much lower than I had expected. I started to question my personal philosophy…

Discussion section hacks

Every once in a while, students may budget their time incorrectly and find themselves scrambling to complete a hefty reading assignment before class. In the event that frantically skimming 200 pages the night before a 9 a.m. does not properly equip you for class, you need to have a backup plan to fulfill that pesky…