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Campus Worker Profile: Week five

The Campus Workers’ Rights Coalition and members of CSRE35SI: An Introduction to Labor Organizing have put together a series of profiles drawn from both archival and current interviews with workers on-campus to highlight both the struggles that workers at Stanford face and the resilience that they bring to the work they do. Campus workers often have to deal with chronic understaffing and difficult menial labor. Alongside this, Stanford does not pay its workers a living wage despite the rising costs of food, health, and housing in the Bay, and workers must often cover many of their own health costs because of a lack of insurance benefits while managing hours-long commutes due to a dearth of affordable housing.

Friends with technology

In order to better build the reading experience, the writer suggests listening to “Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s while reading. As I scroll down Facebook or Instagram, I feel a sense of comfort that I cannot seem to let go of. In just a few minutes, I can see the emotional distress of…

The double life of alum Isabella Tang

A Stanford degree opens doors to a world of opportunities. Our alums reach the heights of research, industry, politics, sports and entertainment, and the potential of current students seems limitless. But even the wealth of opportunity awaiting graduates ends with a choice. Get a steady job, or pursue a start-up? Go to medical school, or…