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The “Art of Science” exhibition brings interdisciplinary vision to Packard

Casual visitors to the David W. Packard Electrical Engineering Building last Friday afternoon— had there been any, on the first day of a long weekend—might have wondered about the art exhibition displayed on a forest of small easels. This was no regular art exhibition, but “Art of Science,” (AoS) a popular show, now in its third year, organized by the Stanford Materials Research Society. AoS challenges Stanford faculty, staff and students to “show their work”— or, rather artwork, with a scientific angle, in no uncertain terms: “Science is boring. Art is stupid. PROVE US WRONG!”

Stanford Art Spaces brings art to the engineering quad

In an effort to bridge the cultural divide between techies and fuzzies, Stanford Art Spaces (SAS) regularly mounts two-month exhibitions of contemporary art that are primarily situated in science and engineering buildings. The current show, which runs through April 26, features abstract paintings by Michael Fram of Oakland and Timothy Stroth of San Francisco, in a set of offerings that tweaks the familiar in distinctive ways.

Op-Ed: ROTC at Stanford, Past and Present

An Air Force brat born and raised, I am uniquely interested in the debate before the Faculty Senate on Thursday, but as one who’s also parsed dusty reports from our special collections, I see a bizarre reflection of today’s decision in our past. Where now we fight two (three?) wars with scant ado, then we witnessed the burning of draft cards, student and faculty protests, sit-ins, guerrilla theatre, vandalism and violent sentiment.