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Pluralism and politics: An optimistic hypothesis

In just a few days, winter quarter will be a fading memory and I will be on a plane to Washington, D.C.—the spring break destination of every Political Science major’s dreams. Over a year ago, my close friend Eliza Steffen ’20 and I decided to apply to lead a brand-new class for Alternative Spring Break (ASB), a program that offers a variety of intensive service-learning trips centered on a particular issue area or community experience. By integrating some of our favorite Political Science coursework with insights from advocacy experiences in our own faith communities, we sketched out an aspirational syllabus and itinerary for “Pluralism and Politics: Exploring Faith-Based Advocacy in American Society. ” To our pleasant surprise, the ASB team took a chance on our brainchild; a Google Doc that we’d dreamed up during spring break 2018 was to become a 1-unit course and weeklong trip for up to a dozen students.

Wheelin’ in the rain

I’m wheelin’ in the rain, just wheelin’ in the rain. What a horrible feeling, I’m unhappy again. I found myself humming this as I made my way to my human biology section, feeling like I was zooming through one of those mist machines at an amusement park on a hot summer’s day — except I…

Optimism outshines pessimism

I never know what to say when I’m hit with the cliché application prompt or overdone ice breaker that asks me to describe myself in a certain number of words. I hate finding that awkward balance between words that sound like a humble brag, teetering on the edge of conceit, and words that every other…

Song lyrics as inspiration

Amidst the stress of midterms and life in general, I often look to music for solace. Music is a magical thing; too often I put music in the “background” of my life. It’s on in the background when I’m driving somewhere, when I’m doing my homework or when I’m taking a walk. However, when I…

A snowball’s chance in California

Now, we have a unique opportunity as human beings: we can interpret these warning signs and make long-term plans for the future. We can begin today to prepare a gift for our own future, and for the future of our descendants. At the very least, we can leave the promise of hope and the courage to try.