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Administration, students reflect on OpenXChange

Some believe the program to be a substantial step toward open and honest communication, while others feel that specific OpenXChange events were one-sided and did not create the space for productive discussion that the program aspired to. While administrators acknowledged OpenXChange had left some students dissatisfied, they framed the program’s goals as part of an ongoing, “evolutionary” effort toward productive campuswide conversations that they hope will continue even as the official program ends.

Fareed Zakaria discusses challenges facing U.S. in technology, foreign policy

CNN host, Washington Post columnist and author Fareed Zakaria spoke at an OpenXChange event entitled “America in a New World” on Tuesday night to a packed CEMEX Auditorium and overflow room. Zakaria focused on concerns about the Middle East and technology’s future economic impact.

Zakaria started the night off with a joking tone, thanking the audience for attending.

“You could be at home watching the greatest reality show in American history, which is the presidential election,” Zakaria said.

The case for listening

We all remember the recorder. There’s a time in all our lives — the early years — when music is considered an indispensable part of learning. We are excited to blow incongruent melodies through a magical stick and we get even more excited when those melodies become congruent. Though we don’t have the words yet,…