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Shi: Lance Armstrong and the fall of cycling

It’s been half a year since Lance Armstrong gave up his fruitless battle to preserve a name that simply could not be cleared, and now that we have rightly sullied his name, burned his merchandise and actually begun to sue his Livestrong charity to get our money back, it seems as though there is nothing…

Shi: Patience makes perfect

It will takes time to build something that will last. The U.S. soccer team’s win over a German B team last Sunday wasn’t enough to make up for it’s loss to Belgium four days earlier, and the national team continues to tread water. While fans demand short-term success, it is a long-term vision that is really needed.

If he is introducing innovations to the American game that will resonate throughout the entire youth system, we probably won’t be able to tell the difference for at least a decade, probably more.

Julia Landauer discusses Survivor stint

Julia Landauer ’14, a 21-year-old professional racecar driver and Stanford undergraduate, recently took part in “Survivor: Caramoan,” the latest installation in the long-running reality series. Landauer sat down with The Daily to talk about being voted off the show, her lack of screen time, being compared to the flavor vanilla and the possibility of a return appearance.