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Pixar’s whip-smart ‘Inside Out’ tackles depression, fails to address veiled sexism

“Cars 2,” “Brave,” “Monsters University”: Ever since the release of the simply exceptional “Toy Story 3,” the once-great Pixar has suffered from a particularly resilient strain of mediocrity and pedestrianism. Fortunately for the Silicon Valley based studio, “Inside Out,” the latest creation from Pixar-virtuoso Peter Docter, marks a no-holds-barred return to form. Though hindered by some…

Summer movie preview

Summer’s a season for blockbusters. From sequels to spinoffs to superhero sagas, the next three months are going to be jam-packed with a variety of films for every taste. Below, the Daily previews a few films to look out for this summer. June “Jurassic World” The much-anticipated sequel to Steven Spielberg’s epic, “Jurassic World” has been…

‘Office’ star talks about work, life and playing Ben Affleck

Mindy Kaling is funny. Really, really funny. To use a long, highly specific metaphor, she’s that one friend you catch up with over lunch one day but wind up sitting back and letting her dominate the entire conversation. However, you’re completely fine with it because you know she’s not an insufferable egotist, but simply infinitely better at telling stories than you could ever hope to be.