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There will be a young Latino in the White House

The United States presidential election has long been something of a strategy game between the GOP and the Democratic Party. Phrases like “sacrificing the general to win the primary” or vice versa have arisen out of the traditional notion that a candidate must portray him or herself as conservative/liberal enough to win the party nomination but moderate enough to win the general election. In the last two presidential races, the Republican Party toyed with degree of ideology—they nominated candidates who were more “down the middle” than extreme so as not to alienate moderates.

Team America: World Police?

The world today is rife with conflict. As I write, Russia’s parliament has just voted to allow President Putin to send troops into Ukraine. Less than 2,000 miles away, the Syrian Civil War trudges on, taking 130,000 individuals with it. In our hemisphere, Caracas, Venezuela is experiencing a surge of violent riots. Bangkok, Thailand has…