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Types of LinkedIn users

As posts flooded the Class of 2021 Facebook group in the days after early action decisions were released in 2016, admitted students scrambled to share Twitter handles, Instagram usernames, Snapchat codes and other social media identifiers with soon-to-be-classmates. I scrolled past posts soliciting Xbox gamertags and online chess forum usernames without a second thought, but…

An honest cover letter

Dear Selection Committee, I am writing to apply for the internship position listed on your website for the summer of 2018. I was particularly excited to learn of this opening as it aligns perfectly with a niche area of academic study about which I have just now, serendipitously, decided I am passionate. I have excitedly…

Data and the power it bestows

In the great debate over government surveillance, we forget that for all the failings of the FISA court, there exist formal mechanisms in which government’s temptation to use data it has access to in unintended ways can be kept in check. If Google or LinkedIn ever decided to use their user data for more unambiguously selfish purposes, there seems to be little we can do about it. In the age of big data where every database is being turned into a commodity for sale, expectations of privacy and social norms have clearly failed to keep in check the power of data collectors.