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Prendergast calls for ‘informed activism’

U.S. President Barack Obama said student groups were key to putting the conflicts in Darfur and Sudan on the radar screen of policymakers, according to John Prendergast, a prominent human rights activist, author and former Director for African Affairs at the National Security Council. Prendergast spoke Monday afternoon to a group of 40 Stanford students, staff and community members at the Arrillaga Family Dining Commons Study Room.

I’m Done with My Life: What do you want to do with the rest of your life?

Figuring out what I want to do with my life is like trying to make out what’s playing on my grandma’s old antenna television during a blackout; it’s very fuzzy and constantly changing. Since I find it almost impossible to answer this question, I tend to avoid thinking about it. However, as I climb the ranks of upperclassmen-hood, that gets harder to do, since everyone wants to know what I have planned for the future.

Op-Ed: Knowledge Before Action

Not many people were at this debate, and even fewer people were probably able to follow the two panelists’ back-and-forth on international NGO politics, a field constantly facing ethical and technical challenges, as well-intentioned, sympathetic people try to effect positive change in places where they will always be outsiders…

Op-Ed: No. It’s bad news for Africa.

That the contest for content about Africa is controversial is nothing new. But in the world of popular media aided by conflict activists, such content usually offers up little more than incomplete portrayals about the realities of life on a vast continent of close to a billion people…