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Why is Hillel at Stanford supporting an Islamophobic group?

The Stanford Israel Alliance recently invited Reservists on Duty, an organization of Israeli Defense Forces reserve soldiers infamous for its virulent Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism, to present an event at Stanford Hillel last Monday, Oct. 16. This group of foreign soldiers tours U.S. college campuses with the explicit goal of opposing student activism for Palestinian rights.…

Open dialogue vs. intellectual cowardice

Anyone who has taken a look at Yik Yak in the past months knows that this campus is incredibly divided on one issue in particular: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Last year, before I was a student here, debate around this issue reached a fever pitch when the ASSU Senate responded to pressure from students and voted…

The case against force feeding

His situation, especially in the context of a relatively new Israeli law that allows force feeding hunger-strikers, raises lots of questions about whether there are situations in which state forces should be allowed to force feed individuals who go on hunger strikes if the strike approaches a point where the striker is in imminent danger of dying.