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My Class of 2022 Facebook intro post

Hey y’all! I have to apologize for never posting an official introduction on The Official Stanford Class of 2022. Since I procrastinate on literally everything, I even procrastinated writing this but c’est la vie. (Better now than never right?) My name’s Richard Coca — yes, like the soda — and I’m from the San Fernando…

Green Earth Sciences Building introduces multi-occupancy, all-gender restrooms

On Aug. 15, the Green Earth Sciences Building introduced the University’s first multi-occupancy, all-gender restrooms to be in a academic or administrative building. This is a departure from the University’s prior practice of converting only single-stall public restrooms into gender-inclusive spaces, as required by California state legislation Assembly Bill (AB) 1732 since Mar. 1, 2017.

ProFros on Facebook

Please read till the end, especially ProFros. Hi/hey/wassup everyone! Firstly, I know this is super, super late! There are only three full months before school starts! My name is Profrina! I’m from XXX but I’m so excited to be coming to California! Now I will briefly discuss why I’m so excited for Stanford’s paradise weather…