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Golub: Musings on hush money

The NFL made two big splashes in the news in the past week. The first: settling with Colin Kaepernick over his collusion case. Kaepernick, after a career-derailing struggle, triumphed victoriously over the corporate monolith. Or, alternatively, Kap capitulated and let the rich owners buy him out. One such owner made the second splash: Pats owner…

Sex workers in Amsterdam: Legal, but still demeaning, disturbing and degrading

It is reprimandable that a country’s government could condone such explicitly degrading, dehumanizing, and objectifying work for women. Regardless of regulations, human trafficking of prostitutes continues to exist in the Netherlands. While not all prostitutes in the Netherlands have been trafficked, or forcibly brought into a prostitution ring, it does become a sort of financial, emotional, and physical trap for many.

Op-Ed: Canada’s new immigration measure and human trafficking

Canada’s new anti-immigration measure and human trafficking On Wednesday, July 4, Canada’s immigration minister, Jason Kenney, announced new immigration rules targeting temporary foreign workers in sex trade-related jobs. The measures target strip clubs, escort services and massage parlors, which will no longer have access to temporary foreign workers. This might be an important and timely step toward preventing human trafficking, and through measures viewed favorably by most governments: legislation and policy that tightens immigration.