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Etchemendy discusses budgetary woes at faculty senate

The Faculty Senate had its penultimate meeting on Thursday, wrapping up issues from the year and began to look forward to next year with a report on the budget from Provost John Etchemendy, a summary of faculty changes and a preview of future committee reports. The Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) Executives also attended and thanked the Faculty Senate for their work.

From combat to medical school

Since transferring to Stanford and joining the political science research honors track, I have focused most of my individual research on veterans’ affairs and the military. The decision to study military history and theory, veterans’ political behavior and domestic public perception of veterans is intuitive given my upbringing. I was born in Hawaii and lived…

The peril of fighting for not enough

One of the very  contentious issues in the increasingly heated Democratic race for president right now is single-payer healthcare, also known as “Medicare for all” or “what they do in Canada.” Essentially, instead of mandating that people buy insurance from private insurers and then subsidizing them for it, single-payer would simply have the government manage…