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The impact of books

It’s pretty hard to believe that half the quarter is over. Roll-outs are wrapping up and attending a regular set of office hours has unequivocally become old hat. In the peak of midterm season, it’s impossible to even entertain the idea of reading for pure entertainment, but I think it’s important that we change that. Instead of flipping through the ‘gram or skipping through stories on Snap, or even the endless influx of emails that flood our inboxes, why don’t we take even a paltry fifteen to twenty minutes to dive into a rom-com novel? Or sci-fi saga? Memoir? Perhaps even a book in another language and script?

Types of Fun

Recently, someone told me that there are two main types of fun in our lives: Type I and Type II. Type I fun is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of “fun” — things like playing video games or talking with friends, which are fun and amazing in the…

Stanford alum advocates for solar energy in seminar on new book

In a Monday afternoon presentation on his new book, “Taming the Sun: Innovations to Harness Solar Energy and Power the Planet,” Varun Sivaram ’11 stressed current constraints on solar power and three types of innovation — financial innovation, technological innovation and systemic innovation — that he believes are key to sustaining solar energy’s rise to dominance.

Time off Stanford

By the end of his sophomore year, Adison Chang ’19 was “done” with Stanford. Burned out from juggling his extracurricular commitments and frustrated by his major requirements, Chang felt like he’d lost sight of his purpose at school. “I was like, ‘Why am I here? What do I want out of my time here?’” He…