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To speak another tongue

Nestled in the valley, surrounded by vast mountains, is my home in Los Angeles. Stanford is very different from where I grew up. I went from speaking Spanish day and night, in and out of class, to only speaking Spanish once in a while. Now, I only speak Spanish when it comes to calling home…

Happy DD214 Day to me

Last Saturday marked my one-year anniversary of receiving my DD214 — the paper that officially signifies my transition from active duty military life to that of a veteran (prior service members can never really be “civilians” again). For most vets, their DD214 Day is a day of celebration, somewhat better than Christmas but maybe not…

Hoover must re-evaluate the academic merit of its fellows

Stanford is renowned for being the home of some of the world’s most brilliant minds, and these minds are undoubtedly one of this university’s greatest assets. As students here, we often witness firsthand the unrivaled intellectual caliber of our professors, and, less often but still occasionally, the difficulty of obtaining and keeping those professorial positions here. We also hear of cases where top-notch scholars don’t receive tenure, a fate shared by half of all the assistant professors here.

Beyond experience

I often hear, particularly at Stanford, from people who have built a life philosophy around “living for experiences.” The philosophy goes something like this: Life is finite and transient and ultimately lacks a defined meaning. As young people with so much of the world to explore, our goal ought to be gaining as many unique,…

Being heavy in college

Let’s talk freshman 15. Let’s talk fat jokes and eating chicken fingers at 2 a.m. I knew about these things before coming to college, but I was hoping they wouldn’t be as prominent in my current experience as they are. Part of me dreamed that being in a larger environment would mean seeing more people…

Ziperski: Writing about sports is fun, even when you’re dead wrong!

I joined the Daily in the fall of 2016 as a freshman, originally slated to write a bi-weekly column for the Opinions section. Given the political environment at the time, I thought I’d steer clear of election commentary and focus on what I loved talking about most: sports. It seemed a natural choice for me; growing up, my friends and I spent many more hours than we could ever possibly count debating the ins and outs of the various sports leagues, bouncing hot takes off of each other and waiting to see which silly predictions might come true. And upon coming to college, I figured it was time to take the opportunity to actually publish some of my thoughts.