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Editorial Board Senate endorsements

We are excited to announce ten exceptional candidates that The Editorial Board has chosen to endorse. Please see below for the reasoning behind our choices. Mylan Gray ’19 The Editorial Board was impressed with Mylan — his realistic understanding of what the Senate can and cannot do, as well as his understanding of the Senate’s most…

Editorial: Editorial Board endorses Tenzin-Vasquez for ASSU Executive

Displaying poise, passion and a platform as inspiring as the diverse backgrounds from which they hail, Tenzin Seldon ‘12 and Joe Vasquez ‘11 have earned The Stanford Daily Editorial Board’s endorsement for ASSU Executive. They represent a wide swath of campus and blend insider experience with newcomer enthusiasm; they are also well attuned to the unique levers at the command of the Executive position and demonstrated their resolve to broker compromise between students, faculty and administrators.