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Stanford dining halls should add greenhouse gas indicator, and students should be more educated eaters

I go to Sweetgreen a lot. Like, literally the only gifts I ever ask for are Sweetgreen gift cards, a lot. I used to create my own salad, until I started ordering with the Sweetgreen app and realized how many calories I was consuming—a meager 380!! My beloved twelve dollar salad put me in the mood to snack; and, now I realized why. So, I started adding a few more things—got my salad up to 540 calories—and suddenly, I had a meal, not a snack, a satisfied belly, and maybe I paid one or two dollars more.

Enjoying eating healthy

In college, I expected the tantalizing calls of midnight ramen, milkshakes and fries. I anticipated the allure of processed carbs when transitioning to a new and potentially stressful environment. I was ready to be tempted by the junk food. And, to be honest, that’s what I got — late night every week, TAP, donuts and…

Late-night blues

I’m a night person. Most days of the week, you can catch me up until 3 or 4 a.m. — usually doing work, sometimes hanging out, occasionally going on a cool and refreshing post-midnight run. Late nights are peaceful; there’s a lovely stillness that sinks in once all your friends have gone to bed, and…