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Why you Tinder on campus

The reason millennials in particular seek ease in a dating app is not just to amplify the number of connections. Rather, it is to assuage a valid fear that meeting in person is too risky. It’s risky because we assume that the only thing we’re allowed to ask of the people we meet in person is sexual, not personal.

How to conquer first-date planning

As the self-proclaimed president of the Forever Alone Society, I have had my fair share of kissing my mom at midnight on New Year’s and organizing singles-only Valentine’s Day sleepover parties, where I wake up alone with obscene things drawn on my face and the menu screen of “Bring It On” playing in the background.

The Young Adult Section: The politics of “honesty”

I have had epic crushes. These crushes of mine, as many girls might know, were characterized by a disproportionate amount of time spent thinking about a particular boy. All of these epochal crushes resulted, sooner or later, in the boy discovering the dramatic secret. But they were never informed through the grapevine, oh no. Rather, the messenger was me, face-to-face and heart all aflutter every time.