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Student startup centralizes student-facing services

PostsMore, a new website launched last month by three undergraduates, aims to better connect Stanford students by consolidating a number of student-facing services that are currently spread across a disparate set of popular social platforms, or cease to exist at all. The site, created by Curtis Staples ’20, Akshay Kalose ’20 and Ethan Aldrich ’21, includes features to help students meet new people across campus, organize rideshares and offer academic advice to their peers, among others.

Why Mehran Sahami and Cory Booker were right

Professor Mehran Sahami says the darndest things. This past Wednesday, at a panel called “The Purpose of a College Education”, a student asks “What advice do you have for us?” Professor Mitchell Stevens from the Graduate School of Education speaks first. He advises dating around academically to find the best major, practical advice that we’ve all received from our advisors and teachers.