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Complain away

I understand that I have strong opinions about things and equally strong reactions to events in my life. However, I was recently told by a friend that I complain too much and seem never to cast blame on myself for things I find annoying. But is complaining really a bad thing? It has a negative…

Optimism outshines pessimism

I never know what to say when I’m hit with the cliché application prompt or overdone ice breaker that asks me to describe myself in a certain number of words. I hate finding that awkward balance between words that sound like a humble brag, teetering on the edge of conceit, and words that every other…

Provost releases Stanford’s first Annual Title IX/Sexual Harassment Report

On Tuesday morning, Provost Persis Drell released Stanford’s first Annual Title IX/Sexual Harassment Report. The 16-page document catalogues 190 reported incidents of sexual harassment, sexual violence and other unwanted sexual conduct involving students, staff and faculty over the previous academic year, including case outcomes but not revealing details.