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Exhibit: Bruce Conner’s ‘It’s All True’ is destructive, brilliant and everything in between

Running from now until January 22, 2017, Bruce Conner’s posthumous exhibit at the SF MOMA, “It’s All True,” features work spanning the entirety of his 50-year career. Provocative but poignant, chaotic but contained, his art is a convoluted journey of self-discovery in a catalyzing Cold War era. Collage is the driving vehicle of Conner’s work;…

Crisis of a generation: Why young Cuban immigrants are right about their homeland

To be frank, most Cuban policy is dictated by Cuban-Americans in Congress. After all, Cuba is now a politically non-influential country that gets disproportionate U.S. attention. As the older group fades out, the younger Cuban-American population should begin to dominate the political discussion about Cuba; this is the most direct path to the Cuban democracy we seek.