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Bikers, demand change!

Students thought they were biking safely on Wednesday, February 6, when a troop of Stanford cops ticketed them at one of Stanford’s tamest intersections outside Arrillaga Dining Hall. The road ended in a cul-de-sac where the right of way was so clear that the students, despite the stop sign, quickly scanned for traffic and advanced without coming to a complete stop.

How to survive a rainy day

Last week’s rain was scary. I had to bike to and from Design Sketching (ME 110) under the influence of the “Pineapple Express” atmospheric river — thank you Stanford Newcomer Guide (SNG) for telling me that fun fact! And yes, before you ask, scientists came up with that name … they must be really bored.…

I ride bikes now

The first article I wrote for The Daily detailed my life as a Stanford student without a bike. To be more precise, a Stanford student who didn’t know how to ride one. Dislocating my knee over the summer made learning in the months before frosh fall implausible, so I showed up wearing a big leg…