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Following controversy over potential honoree, two Palo Alto middle schools renamed after Stanford professor, former mayor

After considering nine final candidate names in the renaming of Terman and Jordan middle schools, the Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) board decided on March 27 to rename Terman Middle School after former Stanford professor Frank Greene Jr. and to rename Jordan Middle School after former Palo Alto Mayor Ellen Fletcher.

Thoughts from a former biker

I didn’t have a bike freshman year, but by sophomore year I was zipping down Mayfield Avenue, practicing riding with only one hand. And that’s true for nearly everyone here on campus. Asking questions can be exhausting. But sometimes when I walk, those questions enter my mind and I have the time to consider them.

Jobberish: Picture perfect

Luckily, Google is working as quickly as possible to make sure we are never short in our supply of Brazilian women falling on their faces or German men crawling out of car trunks (true story) — they are now expanding Google Street View to cover more remote areas of the earth. Aside from providing us with the potential for more entertainment, this new initiative has also given us something almost as great — jobs.