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Dialogue isn’t enough

Etchemendy’s comments prove that the university administration is out of touch with the conversations that have already been happening on campus and the struggle for justice worldwide. We have already transcended dialogue, and we’re ready for change.

A campus united against division

Regardless of any one person or group’s point of view on any issue this year, campus culture has steadily veered away from having honest and frank discussions about deeply important issues in a way that fosters understanding, to discourse that only encourages animosity and division.

Don’t tell us how to feel

The definition of anti-Semitism is not decided by an individual. It is especially not declared by those that have never been Jewish; it is something that is never fully agreed upon unless there is unanimous agreement within the community regarding a specific case, whether that community be the Jewish community of Stanford or the Jewish community in the United States.

How Finley fixed funding

Leadership like the kind Finley showed on funding reform is exactly what we need from our Execs. Lofty ambition is great, but Finley’s track record of creating real solutions in the ASSU is far more meaningful. In order to keep our student government down to earth and focused on issues that really matter, I hope you will join me in voting Finley/Hill for Exec.