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Op-Ed: Kimiko and Bryce: Leaders for change

I write this op-ed in support of Kimiko Hirota and Bryce Tuttle for ASSU Exec. As Co-Director of Disability Advocacy in this year’s ASSU Executive Cabinet, I have had the honor of serving with both Kimiko and Bryce throughout this academic year. I can think of no better pair to lead change at Stanford as ASSU Exec in the forthcoming year. Their proactive initiative, longstanding record of advocacy for marginalized students on campus, and on-the-ground leadership capabilities will ensure their continued success in representing and advocating for all students going forward.

If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

I have nothing against SOCC. In fact, I appreciate their goal of working for disadvantaged minority communities at Stanford. I just wish they would recognize that Jewish students are one such community. I hope SOCC can recognize that what they asked me was wrong. I hope SOCC will apologize and work to address the needs of Jewish students, as well as other minority students.