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Conflicting reports call allegations against SLS Professor John Donohue into question

Following The Fountain Hopper’s publication of unverified claims that Stanford Law Professor John Donohue used racial slurs during an altercation with a recreational basketball player at the Arrillaga Outdoor Education and Recreation Center (AOERC), statements by Donohue and three witnesses — two of whom are Donohue’s sons — cast doubt on some of the allegations.

Black and Yellow: Unity in difference

The series presented a tangled web of narratives that seemed to leave its audience with more questions than answers about what it really means to live in between categories. Communities play such a vital role in defining us that identity often becomes a power struggle between self-perception and external labeling. But in spite of this challenge, the stories left their audience with a profound sense of agency. I was inspired to see the unity that arose from the continual differentiation these individuals face.

Dismantling the “Model Minority” myth

The importance of dismantling the “model minority” Asian stereotype is clear. Convenient and unrepresentative aspects of the Asian identity are exalted to demean other minority groups and justify racially oppressive structures. Moreover, the “model minority” myth renders the discrimination and struggle within Asian American communities invisible. As the Stanford campus continues to organize around Ferguson, it is crucial that we reject an ideology designed to pit minorities against each other and immobilize a movement for racial equality.

Q&A with Q&A

“Asian parents invest a lot in their children,” Woo said. As such, parents expect a return on their investment, so to speak–they want their children to carry on the family line, a pressure that hits especially hard for queer Asian men.