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Banning Dissection: Where California Goes, So Goes the Nation

In 1987, Jennifer Graham, a 15-year old California high school student, refused to dissect a frog because she believed doing so would be immoral. She asked her teacher for an alternative assignment, but her request was denied and her grade suffered. Jennifer sued the school district, claiming that requiring dissection violated her First Amendment right to her deeply held religious and moral beliefs. A year later, California’s education code was amended, giving all California K-12 public school students the right to refrain from dissection and to be given an alternative assignment without penalty.

Animal doctors

Founded on campus 11 years ago by Donna Bouley, professor of comparative science and pathology by courtesy, the pre-vet club is an opportunity for undergraduates, graduates and even postdoctoral fellows to network with current veterinarians and alumni, learn about the necessary coursework and steps toward veterinary school and explore the wide range of fields that fall under the category of veterinary science aside from animal clinics and horse medicine.