Submitting to The Daily

You DO NOT need to be a member of The Daily’s staff or even a Stanford affiliate to submit content of any type to The Daily.

See various options below, and remember you can always reach out to [email protected] to ask about another form of submission. We look forward to hearing from you!

Option 1. Tipssubmitted using this form.

Maybe you aren’t interested in contributing work to The Daily, but you do want to share information about a topic The Daily could cover. This can be information about yourself (such as a past or ongoing experience) or information you have heard/observed. We’re interested in anything, and you can submit tips anonymously!

Option 2. Letters to The Editorsent to [email protected]

A Letter to The Editor can be sent to The Daily by any member of our audience who would like to have their letter published. Letters should be in some way related to a matter of concern to our audience, and are often in response to content The Daily has recently published.

The Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to accept or reject any letter received. The sender(s) will receive a reason if the letter is rejected, and they are welcome to submit another letter if desired.

Option 3. Op-Edssent to [email protected]

An op-ed is a written piece that expresses the opinion of one or more authors who are not affiliated with The Daily’s editorial staff.

Op-ed submissions are evaluated and edited by The Daily’s opinions editors. Anyone can submit a letter to [email protected] and expect a response within a week.

Option 4. Content for another section of The Daily — sent to that section’s email (see list below).

We are happy to consider editing and publishing content contributed by people who are not members of The Daily’s staff.

An example would be a piece written for a course or research project at Stanford that the author would like published in The Daily as well. Other examples include personal projects like blogs or pieces of art.

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions about potential submissions.

List of Stanford Daily email addresses

[email protected] (Arts & Life)
[email protected] (News)
[email protected]
[email protected] (Satire)
[email protected] (Sports)
[email protected] (The Grind / Blog section)
[email protected] (Podcasts)
[email protected] (Data Journalism)
[email protected] (Photo)
[email protected] (Video)