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How does The Daily’s Sports Section work?

The following questions were answered by The Daily’s Vol. 259 Sports Managing Editors Jeremy Rubin and Savannah Stewart.

What work does your section do?

The sports section covers all things sports-related at both the collegiate and professional level. What we do can primarily be broken down into three categories: covering Stanford sporting events and news, featuring specific Stanford-related sports topics and writing opinion-driven columns. Stanford sporting events and news include everything from writing a recap of last night’s women’s basketball game to a baseball player being drafted in the MLB draft. Features can also cover a variety of topics and include interviewing and spotlighting athletes, teams and events. One example of this is interviewing athletes about how they maintained training during the pandemic, and another is a Q&A spotlight with a prominent athlete. Finally, columns are about designated topics, which can be as broad or narrow as you decide. They can be Stanford-specific, extend to a larger scale, or be a combination of both. There’s a lot of flexibility within these rough guidelines, and we also always welcome new ideas!

What does joining your section entail? How much work does it look like per week?

Joining our section entails joining our Slack channel and participating in a brief onboarding session. After that, there’s no set requirement for how much work writers need to put in each week — it’s all up to you! All time commitments depend on the kinds of articles you’re working on. A recap of a game, for example, could just require a few hours on the day of the game, while a feature could require a lengthier commitment. Every step of the way, though, the sports section’s managing editors and desk editors will be there to help guide you through the process!

When does your section meet?

Our section meets every Sunday at 4 p.m. PT for meetings that run up to an hour, although usually only last around 30 minutes. These meetings are not mandatory, so don’t let a conflict at the same time deter you from joining!

How can people join your section?

There’s no application process to join the sports section — all are welcome and no experience is necessary! People can reach out to either of the section’s two managing editors, Jeremy ([email protected]) or Savanna ([email protected]), or they can reach out to the sports section’s email ([email protected]). Either of us can respond and help you get involved with the section.

Who can people contact with questions about your section or to join?

Same as above, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jeremy ([email protected]) or Savanna ([email protected]) if you have any questions about the section or want to join!

What could a writer stand to gain by joining your section?

There’s no experience necessary to join our section, and by joining you will learn the ins and outs of sports writing and reporting. The section is a fantastic way to meet other people passionate about sports and journalism as a whole. In addition, multiple former sports writers have gone into professional careers in journalism, and we hold seminars with them along with other current and former sports journalists.