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The Stanford Daily: Volume 255



Claire Wang

Executive Editor

Anna-Sofia Lesiv

Magazine Editors

Katie Keller

Elizabeth Lindqwister

Managing Editors of News

Julia Ingram

Elena Shao

Managing Editors of Sports

Cybele Zhang

Alejandro Salinas

Managing Editor of Opinions

Elizabeth Lindqwister

Managing Editors of Arts & Life

Amir Abou-Jaoude

Jacob Kuppermann

Managing Editor of The Grind

Angie Lee

Managing Editor of Graphics

Miranda Li

Managing Editors of Multimedia

Chloe Barreau

Leily Rezvani

Managing Editor of Photography

Evan Peng

Head Copy Editor

Claire Francis

Chief Technical Officer

Ashwin Ramaswami

Data Visualization Director

Lily Zhou

Business Team Director

Holden Foreman

Social Media Director

Michael Espinosa

Business Team

Chief Operating Officer / Business Manager

Regan Pecjak

Chief Revenue Officer / Ad Manager

Evan Gonzales

Production Manager

Hiram Duran Alvarez

Distribution Manager

Terry Hess


Darryl Corman

Financial Officer

Ashwin Ramaswami

Board of Directors

President and Editor-in-Chief

Claire Wang ’20

Chief Operating Officer

Regan Pecjak ’18

Journalism Director

Nicholas Thompson ’97

Business Director

Mary Liz McCurdy ’09

Faculty Director

Ann Grimes

Legal Director

Andrew Bridges ’76

Editor At-Large Director

Olivia Popp ’20

Student At-Large Director

Gillian Brassil ’19