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Our leadership


Editor-in-Chief – Charlie Curnin

Executive Editor – Jackie O’Neil

Managing Editors of News – Emma Talley, Kate Selig

Sports Editors – Cybele Zhang, Jeremy Rubin

Opinions Editors – Layo Laniyan, Megha Parwani

Arts & Life Editors – Chasity Hale, Dax Duong

The Grind Editors – Alanna Flores, Richard Coca

Satire Editor – Lana Tleimat

Magazine Editors – Daniel Wu, Nicholas Midler

Photography/Video Editor – Sonja Hansen

Graphics Editor – Amy Lo

Podcasts Editor – Ellie Wong

Chief Technical Officer – Holden Foreman

Data Director – Arjun Ramani

Social Media Director – Michael Espinosa

Editorial Board Chair – Claire Dinshaw

Head Copy Editor – Becca Smalbach

Staff Development Director – Erin Woo

Business Team

Chief Operating Officer – Claire Wang

Production Manager – Hiram Duran Alvarez

Financial Officer – Holden Foreman

Board of Directors

President and Editor in Chief – Charlie Curnin ’22

Chief Operating Officer – Claire Wang ’20

Chief Technical Officer – Holden Foreman ’21

Journalism Director – Nicholas Thompson ’97

Business Director – Kevin Zhang

Legal Director – Andrew Bridges ’76

Editor At-Large – Julia Ingram ’21

Student At-Large – Liza Hafner ’21

Faculty/Staff Director – R.B. Brenner