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Our Leadership


Executive Team

Editor-in-Chief — Kate Selig

Executive Editor for Print — Jeremy Rubin

Executive Editor for Digital — Lana Tleimat

Section Leaders

Arts & Life Editors — Malia Mendez, Kirsten Mettler

Audience Engagement Editor — Cameron Ehsan

Cartoons Editor — Abeer Dahiya

Chief Technology Officer — Sam Catania

Data Director — Sophie Andrews

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chairs — Malaysia Atwater, Sarina Deb, Jared Klegar

Digital Storytelling Director — Daniel Wu

Editorial Board Chair — Zora Ilunga-Reed

Equity Project Editors — Sarina Deb, Smiti Mittal

Graphics Editor — Jessica Lee

Grind Editor — Christine Delianne

Head Copy Editor — Nicholas Welch

Humor Editor — Om Jahagirdar

Magazine Editors — Anastasiia Malenko, Mhar Tenorio

News Editors — Camryn Pak, Georgia Rosenberg, Malaysia Atwater

Newsroom Development Director — Emma Talley

Opinions Editors — Caroline Spertus, Sajan Mehrotra

Photo & Video Editors — Andy Huynh, Crystal Chen

Podcasts Editor — Lorenzo Del Rosario

Social Media Director — Ron Rocky Coloma

Sports Editor — Savanna Stewart

Spotlight Editor — Esha Dhawan

Yearbook Editors — Krystal Navarro, Ray Aguirre

Business Team

Chief Operating Officer – Eleni Aneziris

Production Manager – Hiram Duran Alvarez

Financial Officer – Ron Rocky Coloma

Board of Directors

President and Editor-in-Chief – Kate Selig ’23

Chief Operating Officer – Eleni Aneziris ’20 M.A. ’21

Chief Technology Officer – Sam Catania ’24

Journalism Director – Tracey Jan ’98 M.A. ’99

Business Director – Kevin Zhang

Legal Director – Andrew Bridges ’76

Editor-at-Large – Emma Talley ’23

Student At-Large – Tim Vrakas ’21 M.S. ’22

Faculty/Staff Director – R.B. Brenner