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Stanford’s Best Dressed Freshmen

Josh Petersen Major: Philosophy and either Science, Technology and Society or Math Describe your style: Fairly preppy, but [it] definitely takes a lot of the southwestern and Austin feeling to it – muted tones, different textures and a good pair of shoes. Hobbies: Classical piano, acting and generally loafing about. Secret talent: Tap dancing Favorite…

The fashion of football season

Fall has arrived once again, but on Stanford’s campus, this only means another, possibly more important season in store: football season. As the football team gears up, the rest of us equip ourselves in as much Cardinal red and white as we can muster. Whether you are the swagged-out rally-goer, stylish sports lover or spirited-but-athletically-unaware,…

The explores gender norms with “Art as Identity”

Neal Ulrich ’16 stands on the floor of the atrium, decked head to toe in a dramatic red ball gown, adjusting the top of a chestnut wig to meet his hairline. As eager audience members file in to find seats, they hoot and holler excitedly upon seeing Ulrich. He smiles and laughs, easily 6-foot-4 in his golden high heels. “Sissy That Walk” by RuPaul blares in the background.