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Vol. 254 Editorial Board
Editorials represent the views of The Stanford Daily, an independent newspaper serving Stanford and the surrounding community. The Daily's Editorial Board consists of Managing Editor of Opinions Anna-Sofia Lesiv '20, Editor-in-Chief Courtney Douglas '20, Executive Editor Joshua Wagner '20, Elizabeth Lindqwister '21 and Terence Zhao '19. To contact the Editorial Board, submit an op-ed (limited to 700 words) at [email protected] or submit a letter to the editor (limited to 500 words) at [email protected]

A closer look at the Fundamental Standard’s limits

The Fundamental Standard tells us that “Students at Stanford are expected to show both within and without the University such respect for order, morality, personal honor and the rights of others as is demanded of good citizens,” and crucially that “failure to do this will be sufficient cause for removal from the University.” This short…

Undergraduate Senate, live up to the platform you’re afforded

Every Spring election season, bright-eyed freshmen, sponsored by campus coalitions, run for the ASSU Undergraduate Senate on idealistic platforms — with priorities ranging from free printing to Caltrain subsidies to additional community centers and even more drastic institutional reforms. Too often, after getting into office, Senators abandon these campaign initiatives, largely due to the their…

An open letter to Student Affairs: Craft better policy by releasing alcohol data to the campus community

Students entering Resident Assistant (RA) training this year were in for a surprise. Dozens watched as interim ResEd Dean Koren Bakkegard gave the students a first look at the new protocol ResEd was introducing to better enforce its alcohol policy. RAs would be charged with identifying “high-risk behaviors” and reporting them in a manner that…
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