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Who knows what the future holds

Last year, the Oklahoma City Thunder played its guts out all season long. Led by Kevin Durant’s superfluous scoring, Russell Westbrook’s manic energy and James Harden’s facial hair, the Thunder took the Miami Heat to the limit, eventually losing the NBA finals in five games to the loaded and star-studded dream team. It was a huge relief for the Heat, but most importantly for LeBron James, who got the veritable monkey off his back and also managed to make his “not one, not two, not three…” prediction not only plausible, but probable.

Curry carrying the Warriors

Over the last ten years, the correlation between success in college basketball and in the NBA itself has been all over the map. Think of the most recognizable collegiate players, like Tyler Hansbrough, Adam Morrison, JJ Redick, John Wall and Derrick Rose. Among that list, some players have flashed brilliance, some have shown true greatness and the rest have been “meh”. Hansbrough, Morrison and Redick seem to typify this player: incredible in college, but just another body in the hyper-competitive NBA.

A tale of two drafts

There was a point in the last 10 years when the 49ers and Raiders both seemed destined for decades of mediocrity. The Raiders cycled through head coaches faster than Roman Abramovich fired his managers at Chelsea FC; meanwhile, the 49ers conspired to blow seemingly every draft pick they caught sight of and trotted out a…

When the schoolyard bully gets himself a sports team

What exactly separates Bob Knight from Mike Rice? For the uninformed, Mike Rice is essentially a playground bully masquerading as a collegiate basketball coach. Leaked footage from numerous Rutgers practices show Rice patrolling the court, hurling insensitive slurs, basketballs and temper tantrums at his players. The slightest infraction on the part of players was anecdotally…

Ode to The Heat

I have tried three times to start this column about the Miami Heat uncorking a 27-game winning streak that seems even more incredible when you think about it for a second. Each time, I make it about this far into the page before I completely run out of steam, adjectives, jokes or a combination of…