Victor Xu
Victor Xu '17 is an editor and graphics designer. An economics major, he hails from Carmel, IN. He is interested in international development and Kanye West. To contact Victor, email him at vxu ‘at’

Andre Iguodala and Arianna Huffington discuss sleep deprivation

Andre Iguodala, an NBA player for Golden State Warriors, joined Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post, and Emmanuel Mignot, director of the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, in a discussion yesterday evening focusing on Huffington’s and Iguodala’s experiences with sleep deprivation and the importance of healthy sleep habits.

Edward Snowden talks ethics of whistleblowing

Edward Snowden, former NSA infrastructure analyst turned whistleblower, on May 15 at Cubberley Auditorium to discuss the philosophical tensions of whistleblowing and government surveillance. The 2015 Symbolic Systems Distinguished Speaker, Snowden spoke via video conference from Moscow.
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