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Veronica Anorve

Election 2014: Analysis and foreshadowing

Johnathan Bowes '15 and Veronica Anorve '17 analyze the results of the 2014 midterm election. While Anorve attributes the Democrats' loss to low turnout, Bowes points to ideals. In the end, however, both turn to 2016 and recognize that both parties have work to do in the next two years.

Super Tuesday: Lift the embargo on Cuba?

Super Tuesday columnists Johnathan Bowes '15 and Veronica Añorve '17 take on the Cuban embargo. Añorve argues that the embargo serves little realistic purpose and that normalizing relations would allow greater American influence. Bowes disagrees; he contends that the Castro regime will only be ousted with a fully enforced embargo.

Super Tuesday: PRISM politics

In response to General Michael Hayden's visit to campus last week, Super Tuesday columnists Veronica Anorve and Johnathan Bowes offer perspectives on domestic surveillance during the War on Terror. Anorve justifies some privacy incursions while Bowes believes that our Constitution protects from such actions.
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